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Neuro580 Gives Program

The Power of Neurohacks

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There are 3 parts to the Neuro580 Program

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A 30 minute learning program for teachers and students

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Train-the-trainer program for teachers

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Usage of the EQ health app during the course of the school day for customized neuro-hacking tools

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This program can be loaded into any school LMS system for tracking and measurements. It can be taken online or on any cell phone. There are 5 short modules (5-15 minutes) with a short quiz after each one.

Why take this course?

In this Module, compelling data is shared on why we need to understand why most children beings have saturated brains based on an abundance of personal and shared experiences. These saturated brain challenge our ability to focus, manage stress and perform in high stress experiences.  A case is made for why Neuro580 is a program that can impact both your school and personal life- at home and at school.

Module 1 Objectives:

- The mind wanders 65% of the time

- The average EEG (Brain Activity) of a person today is the equivalent of a Schizophrenic patient from the 1940s

- 90% students and teachers say their school and life stress affects their mental health


Watch Module 1 tutorial from Neuro580 Chief Neuroscientist, Dr. Izzy Justice

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