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Our Mission

Our Mission

To teach children globally self-empowering neurohacks to allow optimal brain functionality in high stress circumstances.




The human brain is a super-computer that if understood better, has the capacity to navigate life with less mental health stress.

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Our Vision

Children around the world having early-in-life self-empowering tools to enhance a lifetime of upward mobility.





A healthy brain will address all these life-long-required cognitive skills better:

  • Problem Solving

  • Collaboration

  • Ideation

  • Empathy

  • Resilience

  • Relationship

  • Stress Management

If you want your body to be physically healthy, you must have high awareness of the what you’re eating/drinking. If you want your mind to be mentally healthy, you must have high awareness of what you’re consuming mentally - people, topics, experiences!

Dr. Izzy Justice, Chief Neuroscience Officer

Board Members

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Dr. Izzy Justice

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Steve Lister

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Amaris McComas

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Jason Lohe

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